George Tampoureas

George Tampoureas

General Manager, OTE Estate

George Tampoureas is an Engineer (Dept. of Civil Engineering of the University of Patras). With a long and substantial experience in the field of construction, George has been dealing mainly with major construction and significant energy projects.

Prior to joining OTE Group, he had held various key posts in the construction sector (as a project and site manager). In February 1999, he joined COSMOTE S.A. as a project engineer, holding a variety of positions of responsibility since then.
From 1999 to 2013, his main object was Mobile Infrastructure (Base Stations and Network Data
Centers), OTE Group building infrastructures, IT infrastructure (corporate Data Centers) and corporate
stores. Some indicative projects he was involved in include the preparation of the 2004 Olympic Games
as a Venue Planning manager, numerous projects related to the subsidiaries of the OTE Group in
Greece & the Balkans (eg. on Base Station Networks and network DCs in Albania and North Macedonia,
Network DCs in Bulgaria, Network DCs and branch network in Romania).

From June 2013 until today, he has been the Construction & Infrastructure Management Director of
CREM (Corporate Real Estate Management) with the following main areas of responsibility:

  • The construction of buildings (office buildings, warehouses, stores) & special infrastructures (IT
    Data Centers) used by OTE Group.
  • The design of OTE Group owned buildings for commercial use by third parties.
  • The energy management of the Group's building infrastructure.
  • The study and licensing of projects and actions related to the legality of the Group's real estate
  • Sustainable design of projects and infrastructure.

Some of his chief achievements so far include:

  • The High Availability IT and Network Data Centers of Cosmote Group where he acted as the
    main initiator and PM.
  • Availability Upgrade of Acharnon IT DC (Achievement of a TIER III, Uptime Institute
    Certification in 2014).
  • Upgrade of 12 Network Data Centers (Achievement of a TIER III, Uptime Institute Certification
    for Rentis DC in 2015).
  • The completion of COSMOTE premises PM for Paiania Office Complex (60.000 m2)- The first
    LEED certified Building in Greece.
  • The construction of COSMOTE TV Studios and Headquarters (5.926 m2) Leed Gold Certified,
    the construction of COSMOTE e-value Headquarters in Kerameikos (7.700 m2) Leed Gold
    Certified, the renovation and change of use for the premises of the Athens University of
    Economics and Business (5.575 m2).

George speaks English fluently, loves to travel and is a keen sportsman with a strong interest in nature. He is married and a proud father to a teenage son.